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December 12, 2012
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Rise of Guardians - the Moon by christon-clivef Rise of Guardians - the Moon by christon-clivef
Hmmmm actually i just want to draw a starry night,
but i found that Jack Frost is so suitable for this background so i added him in...add his back in.

so i hope the background is okay for you.orz
i used a lot of textures for this pic, the stars, the moon...
still learning using textures.<_<

well i really should work on something else.orz

this is Jack Frost from Rise of Guardians.
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Critique by angel-of-the-strange Dec 16, 2012, 6:25:35 PM
This is one of the many pieces of ROTG FanArt I've seen and usallay, they have the same kind of impact and design, but this wonderful piece blows most of them out of the water. I love how, even though you can't see Jack Frost face, you still feel so drawn to this picture. The Artist, I feel, worked very hard in make a number of emotions shine through the magical piece. The emotions I feel that Jack Frost is feeling would be wonder, questioning, amazment, and, maybe, lonelyness.
I don't think the artist knows it, but they were very smart in putting the moon in the picture, not just because it adds another layer and depth to the picture, but because the full moon (or man on the moon) plays a big part in ROTG. The moon made and chose Jack Frost to be the guardian that he becomes through the movie. The stars and the winter worn trees set the scene and mood as well as perpective and focus points made the eye look at everything in the picture.
I love this picture and I hope that everyone who looks at it feels a simular way to the way I feel.
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Very artistic and refined. I love the fine technique on the background, and the gorgeous brush strokes on Jack Frost's hair. It relates very well to the film and is very beautiful. The trees are very graceful and relate slightly to Jack's talent and foreshadows Pitch Black. (The chin, though, seems slightly out of place here. ) I love the moon in the picture, for as previous critics have said, it is very important in the story. Nice shading, too! The use of colors and the detail to the background and Jack, as well as the moon, is simply amazing. Great job!
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I love this! It's kinda like hes looking bak at the Man in the Moon for guidence. :) an amazing job!
ArtCrawl Jan 23, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Dat Sky. :icondatassplz: It looks fantastic. :)
jakrocker17 Sep 18, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
how could the Man in the Moon not speak to jack for 33 years espicly after he transformed Jack into who he is.
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QwQQQ poor Jack Frost.
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The man in the Moon should have been The Maiden of The Moon.  The Greek Goddess Artemis held The Moon under Her care, as well as all children were under Her protection.
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